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Plant Health Care

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Your plants will thrive if you give it proper attention. This includes making sure that the soil is nutrient rich and properly pH balanced, your plants are receiving the right amount of water and sun and they are protected from pests and diseases.

Our plant health care program makes plant care simple by placing them on a 5-visit schedule when we will inspect them for current and potential stressors, treat them for pests and diseases and give them nutrients that stimulate growth and promote longevity.

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Plant Health Care Program

Our Plant Health Care program is a 5-visit treatment of your plants. Our technicians will inspect your plants for possible issues affecting their health. If they discover insect infestation or diseases, they will determine the best course of action. This may include the use of a registered insecticide or fungicide.

Controls scale and other overwintering insects on select trees and shrubs.

Very low environmental impact.

Flushes winter salt from plants’ root zones.

Increases photosynthesis.

Improves deep rooting and nutrient uptake.

Reduces summer heat & drought stress

Increases root mass to assist with water intake


To feed and prepare plants for the winter.

Improves soil biology.

Provides a full spectrum of trace element

Shrub Care Programs

Individually structured for the types of trees and shrubs located in your landscape. Generally three to five visits per season to monitor and treat for diseases and pests that might be harming your landscape.

Deep Root Fertilizing

This is the best way for shrubs & trees to attain instant nutrients. We use pressure to inject a water suspended fertilizer into the root zone of the tree or shrub.

Winter Protection

This service treats evergreen trees and shrubs to prevent winter desiccation.

Landscape Bed Weed Control

Tired of weekends pulling weeds? We offer both granular pre-emergent weed control and liquid post emergent weed control for your landscape beds

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