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Landscape Construction

What is Landscape Construction

Landscape construction involves making changes to land by leveling it, building up certain areas, improving drainage, adding irrigation, etc. Landscape construction may also include adding building structures such as patios, pergolas, walkways, retaining walls, water features or removing existing features. Adding or removing small plants or trees is part of landscape construction.

Once you sign off on your landscape design, the installation will be scheduled. On the day of the installation, our crew will arrive with equipment, plants and materials. Safety will always be prioritized. We will make sure that the work is carried out without damaging existing structures or landscaping and that we leave property tidy after we are done..

What To Expect

What to Expect When Your Landscape is Being Installed

Expect Some Noise
We start work between 7AM and 8AM on weekdays and wrap up well before the quiet hours of the evening. So, noise should not normally be bothersome to the neighbors.

Expect Some Mess.
Landscaping work can be messy. There may be dirt, piles of landscaping materials, equipment and tools around the yard while the work is going on. Once the work is completed we will clean up the mess as best as possible.

Safety First
While we are proud of our safety record, we ask that you be aware of the potential for accidents and keep children and pets away from the work site.

There May Be Delays
We try our best to complete work on time but due to unforeseen reasons such as bad weather or the need to alter the original design for any reason, the work may not be completed as at the planned time. Leaving some extra time for such delays may be wise if you need the work completed before an event, for instance.

Give Your Neighbors a Heads Up
Letting your neighbors know in advance that there will be construction on your property and while we will do our best to avoid noise and inconveniences such as construction vehicles parking on the street, they should anticipate some of that.

Our Process

Here Is How We Help You


Call Us To Consult

When you call, we will discuss your project with you and then schedule a visit.


We Visit Your Property

Once we see the site, we can advise you of the right options and give you an estimate


We Complete The Work

On a pre-scheduled date our crew will arrive and complete the work as agreed.


Ongoing Support & Care

We will follow up on the work and provide ongoing care for your landscape, if needed.

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