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Enhancement Services

Add More Fun To Your Outdoor Living Space.

There is more that can be done to your outdoor living space or business landscape to add more charm and functionality. The right features can add curb appeal as well add to value of your property.

Choices abound but some of the more popular ones include adding water features like a fountain or pond with waterfalls, outdoor lighting, garden sculptures and ornaments, birdbaths, etc can enhance the aesthetic appeal and turn your outdoor space into a place where you want to spent more time.

Enhancement Choices

Consider Some of Your Enhancement Options

Water Features
The sound of water in the garden will enhance a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. Water can also transforms noise pollution, drowning out the sound of nearby traffic, construction….or a noisy neighbor. Bubblers, waterfalls, streams and ponds

Outdoor Lighting
A properly designed and implemented lighting plan will add immeasurable value to your home and yard. Using high quality fixtures and professional installation, landscape lighting creates a dramatic effect to your property showcasing plants, and architecture, as well as, improving your homes outdoor security.

Outdoor Sound Systems
Outdoor entertaining is at its best when music or the big game can be streamed throughout your property. Hidden speakers suited for the elements allow for consistent sound quality no matter where you are sitting.

Pots, Sculptures and Garden Art
We will advise you on the proper placement of your garden pieces to add a finishing touch to your space. It can be a bold focal point, or a surprise hidden gem that will keep the landscape dynamic and exciting.

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On a pre-scheduled date our crew will arrive and complete the work as agreed.


Ongoing Support & Care

We will follow up on the work and provide ongoing care for your trees, if needed.

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